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Weil Industries - Distributeur de membranes stériles
EZ-PAK®, Sterile membrane dispenser

EZ-PAK® sterile membrane dispenser.

Customer : Merck Millipore

Solutions developed / challenges

  • Equipment for contactless dispensing of membranes for sterility testing
  • Equipment placed in GMP laboratory environments


  • Co-development and design of the equipment (mechanical, electrical, electronic)
  • Prototyping and pre-production for validation and industrialization with a view to marketing
  • Functional and endurance testing
  • Preparation and follow-up of regulatory tests
  • Full in-house series production

Special features

  • Product evolution to improve speed and simplicity of use and handling. The user’s action on the device is contact-free, ensuring perfect sterility of the membrane delivered
  • Motorized solution and Li-ion battery operation
  • Innovative solution, patented by the customer
  • Consideration of cost issues by integrating injected plastic parts adapted to the volumes manufactured
  • Eco-designed product