From idea to market, Weil Industries brings together all the in-house skills needed to carry out an industrial project from start to finish. In this way, we guarantee the optimization and control of all equipment manufacturing processes.

Backed by our recognized experience, we offer you a partnership based on the full range of our resources and skills.


Project management

Project monitoring as the key to success

Customer and project support, from specification to production

Project definition

Technical and economic study

Planning follow-up

Budget tracking

Monitoring of quality criteria


Engineering and design department

A passionate team for all your developments

Feasibility study

Helping customers find solutions

Research & Development

Design: mechanical, electrical, electronic*, software*

Design analysis and innovation aid*



Qualification & validation

Technological watch

Support with improvements and modifications

* in collaboration with our partners

Our tools

Creo software: Mechanical CAD

Eagle: electronic board development

C - C# : software development

Risk analysis and FMECA