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From idea to market, Weil Industries brings together all the in-house skills needed to carry out an industrial project from start to finish. In this way, we guarantee the optimization and control of all equipment manufacturing processes.

Backed by our recognized experience, we offer you a partnership based on the full range of our resources and skills.


Weil Industries certification ISO 9001, ISO 13485 Bureau Veritas

Quality department

Quality Management

The quality of our products and our customers’ satisfaction are integral parts of Weil Industries’ corporate culture.

Our extensive experience and high level of quality combined with the rigor and constant attention we pay to our customers’ needs in highly demanding industrial environments (Pharmaceuticals, Medical) have earned us a reputation as a company with perfect mastery of technical projects management.

Our high standards, from design to manufacture, allowed us to obtain ISO 9001 (since 1999) and ISO 13485 (since 2012) certifications.


We use quality management tools:
  • 5S
  • FMECA (Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis)
  • Risks analysis

Quality Department

Product Validation & Certification

The development of new products involves several validation stages designed to verify product performance and to ensure that products meet international regulatory requirements.

Our teams are especially involved in product certification, in partnership with the customer and with the support of certification bodies. A wide range of aspects are examined :

  • Compliance with low-voltage directives
  • Compliance with EMC directives
  • Compliance with EU’s machine directives
  • Compliance with RoHS and REACH
  • Packaging Validation
  • CE marking with CB Scheme
  • UL-EU marking on demand

Quality Department

Controls & Factory Acceptance Tests

For the release of equipment, products, machines and components, numerous checks and tests are carried out in each production workshop, as well as by the product quality team. More specifically :

  • Dimensional checks
  • Appearance checks
  • Functional checks
  • Burn-in process
  • Calibration and adjustment
  • Software programming and settings

These checks and tests guarantee that the manufactured products are compliant, can continue the manufacturing process and/or are ready for delivery.

The Product Quality Team is also responsible, with the support of the Design Office, for validating product upgrades in the event of new developments or obsolescence management.

Last but not least, the company makes its premises and know-how available to end customers wishing to carry out FATs (Factory Acceptance Tests).

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Quality Department


To guarantee the quality of our products, we also use high-performance control methods :

Our fleet of measuring instruments comprises over 800 compliant, computerized devices.

We have a metrology service adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers in several fields :

  • 3D: Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine, FARO measuring arm.
  • Electrical: Multimeters, current generator, dielectric tester…
  • LF frequency : Frequency meters, function generator,
  • Dimensional: wedges, calipers, micrometers, measuring columns, comparators,
  • Force: load cell, torque wrench,
  • Weighing: scales, weights…
  • Physics & Chemistry: pH meter, conductivity meter, CO2 sensor, thermometers, pressure gauges, tachometers, flow meters…

We carry out the verification of our instruments in compliance with our customers’ requirements (Cofrac, DaKKs, DKD).
All our measurements are guaranteed to be traceable to national standards.

Sourcing Department


We have an efficient Purchasing and Supply department in charge of :

  • Procurement and supply of all components and raw materials
  • Identifying and monitoring suppliers and subcontractors

These missions are carried out in :

  • Compliance with quality constraints in collaboration with our Quality department
  • Search for cost efficiency to guarantee our competitiveness, by identifying the most suitable source, including through low-cost channels
  • Respecting project deadlines
  • Controlling risks related in particular to component obsolescence and supplier risks

Logistics department

Supply Chain

The partnership that binds us to our customers enables us to take care of all logistics, whatever the destination (national or international).

Benefits for our customers :

  • Economic gains
  • Simplified management : short circuit
  • Time-saving : direct delivery to the end customer
  • Transparency : our customer has a global view of the logistics circuit
  • Real-time view of shipment tracking
  • Issuance of a Delivery Note on behalf of our customer
After-sales service

After-Sales Service

Our after-sales service activity, essential to support the lifecycle of the equipment, ensures :

  • Support from the moment of sale
  • Warranties 
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and other repairs
  • Technical assistance
  • Spare parts management

Interventions are carried out in the workshop or on site, depending on customer requirements and/or possibilities.

The after-sales service team is made up of skilled technicians, ensuring quality work on time.