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Weil Industries - Crystal
CRYSTAL, Archiving scanner

Microscope slides archiving scanner for pathological anatomy and cytology laboratories.

Customer : Dreampath Diagnostics

Solutions developed / challenges

  • Laboratory equipment incorporating a scanner for reading Datamatrix codes
  • Blades storage tray for quick retrieval and archiving


  • Equipment development and design (mechanical, electrical, electronic)
  • Development of the block storage tray (plastic injection molding)
  • Prototyping and pre-production for validation and industrialization with a view to marketing
  • Functional and endurance testing
  • Preparation and follow-up of regulatory marking
  • Completely in-house manufacturing of the scanner device
  • Medium-volume production

Special features

  • Serial equipment designed for the analysis laboratory market, enabling the physical archiving of each slide as well as its computerized archiving via a database
  • Research into blades scanning performance (speed – accuracy) and optimization of archiving footprint
  • Innovative solution patented by our customer
  • This project is part of a strong partnership with our customer, who markets the solution worldwide
  • Eco-designed product